WHAT is 'goohshi'?

An Ultra Fast, Ultra Light, Game Downloader and Game Library Manager for great Adult Games!  Think of it as the 'Steam' of lewd Porn Games! It's purpose is to support XXX NSFW game developers by making it easy to find and enjoy their amazing works of interactive art!  'Goohshi' never contains adware, malware, nor spyware, has no out-of-the-ordinary footprint, and only showcases the Best and Safest games those talented devs have to offer!

WHO is the inventor of 'goohshi'?

Let me introduce myself!  I'm 'Ms. Goohshi', also known as 'DazzlerQT' -- the 'Goohshi Boss Lady'!  I'm an African-American female and was working in the Real Estate industry prior to deciding to make my life all things 'goohshi'!

WHY did you create 'goohshi'?

I'm a gamer, though not the best, and I really fell in love with VR.  I'm comfortable with my sexuality and really wanted to play VR Porn, but was very disappointed to learn 1. How hard it was to find good 3D VR Porn, and 2. How little there was geared towards women!  I grew up in a family of software developers and decided to try to make my own sexy VR adult game!  Wow it was hard, it took so much work to create the models etc etc!  So eventually I came back to the idea to solve my original problem, which was to make it easy to locate these games and to be able to support them via their own Patreon etc!  So I found some programmers I trust and I tell them how I want it, which is a very clean, stable, tight, desktop app!  I also curate the games by contacting the devs and playing their sexxxy fun games!

WHERE is 'goohshi'?

We're based in Texas, US of A.  Don't mess with Texas! 💖

HOW do I contact you, support goohshi, or get my game listed?

Send us your game public build link and Patreon, if you have one, via a tweet or DMs on Twitter!
I'm available for chats and voice/video talks on the goohshi Discord to get your thoughts!
You're support means everything to me, I would love to have you as a Patreon when it launches!
Soon we will have our own Sub-reddit!
Kisses! 💋💋💋